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Watch Collectors, Rejoice: Two Paul Newman Rolexes Are Coming to Auction

The legendary actor remains the biggest name in watches. Here’s why. 

Your New Streetwear Obsession Might Be Next to the Salami

On sleepy Shelter Island, Anthony Peronace runs a burgeoning fashion label from the most unlikely spot: the local grocery store. 

The Making of Emily Bode, America’s Next Great Fashion Designer

She exploded onto the fashion scene and seemingly changed the way men dress overnight. But Emily Adams Bode Aujla’s brand is not just lace shirts and patchwork pants. It’s about thinking of clothes as heirlooms—and building a family business that will last.

The 4 Best Small-But-Mighty Watch Microbrands

Your next favorite timepiece should come from one of these independent watchmakers, writes GQ watch columnist Cam Wolf.

At 83, Designer Gaetano Pesce Is More Relevant Than Ever

A legend of Italian art, architecture, and beyond, Pesce has been reimagining everyday objects and furniture in vibrant new ways for decades. Now, the culture is finally catching up to him.

Grace Wales Bonner’s Vision of Black Elegance Is the Hottest Thing in Menswear

Through her deep ties to the art world, Grace Wales Bonner has defined an electric new approach to fashion design.

The Best Early Prime Day Deals So Far

All the menswear, tech, and home goods worth your dollars ahead of the big event. 

OK, Actually, This Is Rolex’s Biggest Release of 2023 

The Crown released a very special Daytona over the weekend. 
A Few Moments With Today’s Top Designers

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20 Years Ago, Nike and Oakley Made the Watches of the Future

Here's why retro fitness watches are suddenly hotter than ever.

Ed Sheeran’s Latest Watch Won’t Set You Back More Than $100

[Sheeran voice] I’m in love with the price of you.

Meet the Legendary Watchmaker Who Spent Five Years Making a $1 Million Pocket Watch

Roger Smith’s second-ever timepiece is expected to fetch seven figures at auction.

The Right Watch to Wear On Your Wedding Day, According to the Watch Illuminati 

Need a timepiece for your special day? Follow our experts’ advice.

The Wildest Storylines Heading Into Fashion Week

Everything you need to know before the SS24 collections hit the runways. 

The 21 Greatest Fits in Succession History

Costume designer Michelle Matland weighs in on the show’s most memorable style moments.

The Case for Coordinating Your Outfit With Your Boys

Checking in with the style gangs of New York.

What’s In a Name? Deciphering Fashion’s Inscrutable Job Titles

What your favorite designer's business card says about their role—and place in the fashion pecking order. 

Graffiti Icon Futura on His $100,000 Virgil Abloh Nike Collab

The New York legend talks his new NBA Finals project, coming up alongside Basquiat and Haring, and the secret to a great collaboration. 

Pete Davidson Wears Uggs Because Adam Sandler Wears Uggs

“I think Sandler is like 10 years ahead of everyone on fashion, always.”

Justin Bieber Finally Wore a Pair of JNCO Jeans

Dig them out of that box in your basement. Rescue them from the donation bag in your trunk. Bieber has officially endorsed the mother of all baggy jeans: those comically large, ’90s-core JNCOs.

Chris Pratt’s Watch Collection Is Arnold Schwarzenegger-Approved 

The actor’s favorite timepieces are perfect for an action hero. 

Giorgio Armani Says Fashion Should Be Less Entertaining 

The Godfather of Italian style talks to GQ about his memoir, why he never chases trends, and his legacy as a designer. 

So Far, Jamal Murray Is the NBA Finals Sneaker MVP

In Game 1, the Nuggets star debuted an Aimé Leon Dore-ified spin on his signature New Balance kicks.

Matty Healy Is in His…Asics Era?

The 1975 frontman swaggered around stage in Scotland wearing some “midnight”-hued dad sneakers with his shrunken Thom Browne suit.

The Bigger Guy's Guide to Buying a Great Suit

Four foolproof tips for mastering tailored clothes with a larger frame.

How Adidas Uncanceled Yeezy

The question of what would happen with the company's massive inventory of Kanye West-designed shoes has been looming for months. We finally have the answer.

Meet the Watch World's Biggest Prankster, Who Designed a Timepiece Devoted to Death

The man behind Seconde/Seconde/ believes watches are “begging for satire!”

Hollywood’s Newest Red Carpet Is the WGA Picket Line

Meet the team behind @PicketFits, the IG account documenting writers' strike fashion. 

The Deeper Story Behind Roman Roy’s Walmart T-Shirt in the Succession Finale

Let’s overanalyze Roman’s (now sold-out) $14 tee from the children’s section and what it tells us about the show’s real winner.

John Mayer Wears the Hot Watch Brand of the Moment 

Also this week, Will Ferrell shows off a brand-new watch and The Weeknd continues his hot streak. 

Bad Bunny Is Stealing From Kendall Jenner’s Fashion Playbook

Benito hit the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix wearing a very familiar-looking trompe l’oeil bikini shirt.

Bright Lights, Bladee City

When their record labels asked Bladee, de facto frontman of the Swedish musical sensation Drain Gang, and his creative-partner-in-crime Varg2™ to make an album, they started making art together instead. GQ tagged along while they got the downtown treatment for their first-ever New York gallery show.

The Sneakerhead Congressman Is Battling for the Sole of the Nation

Rep. Jared Moskowitz has 150 pairs of rare kicks, leads the Congressional Sneaker Caucus, and argues Air Jordans (but not Adidas Sambas) are Oval Office-appropriate. 

How a Spaceship Watch Raised Almost $1 Million on Kickstarter

Is the platform set to become a destination for watches again? 

Audemars Piguet and Marvel Just Dropped a Spider-Man Watch Worth $6.2 Million

And we have Don Cheadle to thank for the collab.

Wes Anderson Wears the Same Suit Every Summer (And You Should, Too)

In praise of the Asteroid City director’s lifelong seersucker addiction. 

Why Is Daniel Day-Lewis Suddenly Dressing Like Timothée Chalamet?

It appears the prestige actor, who retired from Hollywood six years ago, has entered his post-swag era.

The Weeknd Knows There’s Nothing Cooler Than Wearing a “Ladies” Watch 

The singer-turned-actor gets in on the most sensible watch trend of 2023. 

The Adidas Samba Enters Its Anxiety Era

It may very well be the sneaker of the summer—yet again—but the dizzying trend cycle of Adidas’s hit shoe is raising all kinds of questions about who should and shouldn’t be wearing them.

Carmelo Anthony Leaves a Serious Sneaker Legacy

For a brief moment in the early aughts, Melo’s Jordans captured the culture.