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Max Homa on His First Impressions of the PGA Tour-LIV Deal, a Hometown U.S. Open, and His Insanely Zen Golf Swing

Chatting with one of golf's coolest characters weighs ahead of this week's major in Los Angeles.
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The NASCAR and F1 champs are teaming up—in an absolutely enormous vehicle—to give it a go.

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"You can’t have your client looking like a mess in front of the world."

The PGA Tour and LIV Golf Are Merging, But Golf's Existential Crisis Isn't Close to Over

The rival golf organizations seemingly patched up their differences in the dead of night. What comes next?

Bang! Mike Breen on 18 Years of Calling the NBA Finals

The legendary play-by-play man shares his favorite Finals memories—and pitches a sitcom starring Jeff Van Gundy.

Pittsburgh Pirates Star Andrew McCutchen on the Hurt of Being Traded—and the Joy of Coming Back Home

After five years in the baseball wilderness, the greatest Pirate since Barry Bonds explains how he wound up back in Pittsburgh—and why returning means so much to him.

So Far, Jamal Murray Is the NBA Finals Sneaker MVP

In Game 1, the Nuggets star debuted an Aimé Leon Dore-ified spin on his signature New Balance kicks.

Matthew Tkachuk Is Living in Hockey Paradise

The Panthers’ game-winning-goal machine is enjoying the perks of life in Florida. If all goes right, he’ll be bringing the Stanley Cup home for a tour soon.

The Golden State Warriors Are Changing. Here's Hoping the “Warriors Way” Endures

On the heels of a second-round playoff loss, and with president Bob Myers' exit the first of a number of potential moves, we're thinking back on the unique role the Dubs have played for the last decade.

How Taylor Rooks Became Your Favorite Athlete’s Favorite Journalist

The sports personality gets athletes to open up in unexpected ways—and is making a name for herself in the process.

Welcome to the Oddball NBA Finals 

One superstar loves horses and video games. The other is really into Nickelback. And both of their teams are pretty weird, too. First to four wins.

Holger Rune Has Arrived

The 20-year old Dane is making his case in a wave of next-gen tennis stars—and he's not afraid to ruffle a few feathers along the way.

The Art of the NBA Nap

NBA players almost all agree: if you want to play well, you need your pregame nap. But what separates the snoozers from the losers? Ahead of the Finals, we asked the league's sleepiest stars to help us figure it out.

"It Was the Worst Thing I'd Ever Seen": The Oral History of 50 Cent’s Disastrous First Pitch

Nine years ago, 50 Cent delivered perhaps the worst ceremonial first pitch in baseball history. Here’s how it happened. 

Rafael Nadal Was the Immovable Object

As the French Open gets underway without its greatest winner, a look back at a career spent pushing every physical limit.

Tyler Herro’s Sideline Fits Are a Sight to Behold

When you’re getting flamed by 63-year-old Stan Van Gundy, you know you’ve achieved…something.

LeBron Should Totally Retire…for a Year

And then come back for one last farewell season with Bronny [smiling devil emoji].

On the Road With Jason Heyward, Who Wants More Trips to Cabo and Fewer Trips to Cincinnati

The Dodgers outfielder doesn’t really play cards on the team plane, but he’ll happily watch his teammates lose money.

Got a Viral Sports Moment? He's Got a Painting for That

When something cool happens in the playoffs, the proprietor of @artbutmakeitsports digs into his library of fine art.

The NBA Playoffs Don’t Feel Like the NBA Playoffs Without Coaches Wearing Suits

On the verge of the NBA Finals, we have some thoughts about coaches’ sideline attire.

Carmelo Anthony Leaves a Serious Sneaker Legacy

For a brief moment in the early aughts, Melo’s Jordans captured the culture.